The iOS version will be available soon.

Please note that our iOs version will be available soon.

Our experience, your benefit

With our more than 10 years of experience, we offer the suitable solution for radio and switching operations without the internet.
Why should you trust us?
Well, here are just a few arguments:

– A Bluetooth® control is basically safer than the most ISM band radio operations

– With the software which was developed by us, the 4-digit-password only works with the registered smartphone.
A transfer is not possible. You can use smartphones with Android from 4.3 or from iOS 5

– At changing or losing the Smartphone, you can easily block or delete it. There are no extra costs for substitute access

– The administrator manages up to 50 users in the App

– The administrator can retroactively see up to 50 switching operations with date, time and name on his smartphone.
This is especially appreciated by commercial customers

– Various application possibilities: roller shutters, roller doors, barriers, sectional doors and simple switching operations

– The most important thing is: Made in Germany!
The hardware and software were developed by our own engineers.
We are the developer and producer of our products

After each update, our software is also adapted and made available for download

Our development

A Bluetooth® receiver is actually nothing new.
New on the market is that you can control almost everything with our RF-Secure Bluetooth® receiver.
Therefore, we have developed and patented our own software.

It was an exciting challenge for our engineers.
They have changed the usual software on the market and tested it over and over again.
We have carried out tests in the winter, in the summer and under radio smog. With every setback, the software has become better.

We are proud that the production and development of the software took place in Germany.
Tests with more than 300 users are taking place in a building in Spain now for further development.

We are pleased that we have created something which works reliably, securely and usefully.

Secure control

A Bluetooth® control is basically safer than the most ISM band radio operations.

We have developed and patented our own software for RF-Secure.
Every Bluetooth®-Receiver is connected with the Master.
The first applicant is the administrator and has got the Master-App.

You can only allow users or remove them again from the system via the terminal of the master even without approval.
Only the master device can request a 4-digit password from the new user as soon as the user installed the App. 

The administrator can change the name of the device or the system time via the master device.

The possibility to order a protocol about the switching operations is especially appreciated by companies.
It can be exactly retraced when the supplier came and who left the garage door open again.

RF Secure Bluetooth

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